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When school's out Little Medical School is in session!  We offer one-of-a-kind medical summer and school break camps for young learners throughout the Central and Capitol regions of Maryland. We take kids ages 4-12 through a hands-on exploration of the medical field, teaching the basics of healthcare and first aid, all about human organ systems, and how to respect and understand medicine.

Plus lots more! Through our programs they can learn:

  • All about the brain, spine, eyes, ears, skeleton, and muscles
  • What our bodies do with food and why we eat
  • How to apply basic first aid
  • How to read prescriptions and how pharmacies work
  • When and how to call poison control and dealing with poisonings
  • How to perform CPR and the Heimlich maneuver*
  • How to read X-Rays and treat broken bones
  • Basic pet care, how to examine for ticks and simple suturing
  • Even how a common surgery is performed!

Each camp is led by one or more of our passionate educators. At the end of every camp, our campers get to take home their Doctor’s Bag and keep all the fun activities they performed throughout the camp. We even host an exciting graduation at the end of camp.

*Our program does not offer CPR certification


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