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Fun and Educational Medical Classes



Little Medical School of Maryland offers preschoolers, homeschoolers, elementary and middle school-aged children one of a kind opportunities to immerse themselves in the fascinating worlds of medicine and healthcare!

We inspire imagination and passion by exploring such diverse topics as first aid, doctor’s tools, the workings of organ systems, sports injuries, medical life skills and how to care for animals. Each of our classes offers multiple hours of fun, interactive instruction led by one of our trained and qualified teachers.  At the end of each course, your little doctor, veterinarian, pharmacist or nurse will receive a diploma in an exciting graduation ceremony!

 Contact us today to register for an upcoming course or to learn more about bringing Little Medical School to your school or community.


After-school Enrichment

Little Medical School of Maryland partners with public, private and charter schools throughout Maryland to offer students grades K-7 engaging after-school programs.  They’ll have a chance to learn about medicine, practice first aid, learn how the body works, and much, much more. Plus, they get to keep their own medical supplies at the end of the course!


Preschool Enrichment

We believe that an interest in science and medicine should start young, so we’re passionate about teaching preschool-aged groups. We tailor our interactive programs specifically for pre-reading students so that they understand the lessons and have a blast all along the way.

Do you want our one-of-a-kind programming at your child’s preschool?


Homeschool Enrichment

We’re proud to offer homeschool families and groups an exciting way to expand their curriculum through this interactive medical education, designed for ages 4-12. We work closely with parents to determine a lesson plan for their kids, which we can teach in a single session or over weeks of courses. First aid, body sciences, understand and respecting medicine, and much more.

Go on, be the mom and dad with the cool idea!



You don’t have to wait for a class to come along to enroll your little learner in a Little Medical School program!

We offer an endless variety of custom programs for virtually any occasion, group or organization.

And the best part is, we come to you!

We will set up a custom one-time or multi-session class and provide all materials at the venue of your choice.  Choose one of our signature courses or work directly with us to create the custom curriculum you want for your group of kiddos.

Ready to get started? We are, too! Please Contact Us to arrange a custom program for your little docs today!

*We require a minimum of 8 students to create a custom class or event.

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