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Birthday Parties

Celebrate your birthday with

Little Medical School of Nambia

Pick a party from our customized themes or prescribe your own from one of our 10 programs! The Little Medical School Birthday Parties include a 60 minute class led by our trained instructor, and a special Little Medical School gift basket for the birthday child! Upgrades can be applied to each package, including stethoscope, large plush animal, and real lab coats.

Standard Birthday Party: $300

up to 15 kids ($12 per kid over 15)

What's Up Doc? OR Is There A Surgeon In The House? OR That is Gross!

Each kid receives: disposable white coat, crafts, diploma, and more

Premium Birthday Party: $350

up to 15 kids ($18 per kid over 15)

Have a Pup-Tastic and Puuurfect Party! OR Let's Get Surgical!

Each kid receives: Standard Party Gifts PLUS plush dog, cat, or real-working Little Medical School stethoscope.

Platinum Birthday Party: Call

up to 15 ($22 per kid over 15)

Future Pediatrician! OR Future Veterinarian! OR Conquering the Great Outdoors

Each kid receives: Standard Party Gifts and a real-working Little Medical School Stethoscope PLUS plush baby, animal, or first aid kit.

Ages 4-11 ~ Add on $5 LMS Goodie Bag for each child
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