My kids had such a wonderful experience, they want to come back. They are also now interested in biology mainly how the body works. Which is great, but be prepared to use google and YouTube a lot so you can answer their questions after they do this camp.

Brenda Chipungu

Excellent Idea! Teaches the kids and inspires them to pursue a career in Medicine.

Dr. Prysca Mbi

Wonderful! Daughter said it was her favorite camp from the summer!

Teresa Baker

Hats off to you and all your outstanding instructors!  What a great program you all run.  I was so happy with how the week went.  Many thanks for all you do!

V. Truitt

Director of Summer Programs - Greenhill School
My daughter, Piper, absolutely LOVES Little Medical School and I’m amazed at everything she’s learning!

S. Hedderich

Mother - Shelton
"It was a bit of a crazy day for us, but Daniela was cool, calm and collected. Our girls had a fantastic time! Thank you so much!"

C. Arnold

Girl Scouts
My son has been enjoying himself, and we love hearing about what he has learned.  LMS has been a great addition to Trivium!

R. Pappachen

Mom -- Trivium Academy
LMS of North Texas is such a unique and wonderful program. It taught my Daughter so many things about the Human body.  Her favorite part was the role playing! Doctor Holland and his Staff are amazing! They are able to teach the children complex ideas in simple ways that they can easily understand.

A. Stovall

Mom -- The Colony ER
LMS was such an amazing experience for both my grandkids and myself. They learned so much over the six week course and absolutely loved it! The course is very interactive and provides an environment where the children stay engaged throughout. Both of my grandkids connected well with the material and staff. We truly enjoyed every minute of it!! I highly recommend this program to anyone with children.

T. Ritchie

Grandmother -- The Colony ER
My boys just came from the medical camp! They absolutely loved it! I would highly recommend it! And I will be enrolling them back! The student doctors were amazing!

F. Ahmed

Mom -- The Colony ER
This is an excellent program that teaches children in a fun way! I believe it has the potential to foster an interest in the medical profession that could result in a career path.

L. Elliston

Program Director - Primrose School of West Allen
She doesn't want to take off her lab coat and is rereading her vet journal.  The curriculum is so very well done and the instructors were engaging and made learning fun while taking the material seriously.

D. Farrell

Mom -- The Colony ER
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