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Medical – Themed fun

Centre des services communautaires Vanier 270 Marier Ave, Vanier

This program is rich in hands-on activities where children explore the different medical-themed topics such as general anatomy, introduction to pharmacy, vaccinations and shots, sports medicine at much more. Age: 6-9 years old. Priority for youth who live in Vanier Area (K1L) and/or attending a school in Vanier Click here to register!  


Fuelling your body for peak performance!

Joan of Arc Academy 2221 Elmira Drive, Ottawa

From our Little Nutrition School Library! Fuelling your body for peak performance! These future dietitians will learn about healthy eating habits, the food pyramid, and global foods through our nutrition program. Students will create tasty recipes and snack combinations. Moreover, they will learn how food is the fuel for the best functions of our body…

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