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About Us

About Us

Little Medical School Ottawa Campus

Little Medical School (LMS) is founded by Dr. Mary Mason’s and her love for family, medicine and education. In 1998, Dr. Mason wrote her first lesson plan. Later, she enlisted her medical residents to teach local teenagers. This passion for encouraging careers in healthcare led to in the creation of LMS in 2010. Today, the company is a pioneer of specialized curriculum. Currently, LMS is a leading developer of interactive resources for children aged 4-14.
We offer child enrichment program that we can customize to fit your needs. Those programs are:
– Camps: Summer, march / holidays break
– After-school programs
– In-school field trips
– Birthday parties
– Scout badge classes
– Special events


Our Core values are:

Imagination: Children need to dream and have opportunities to discover.
Nurturing: We create environments to learn and explore while building self-confidence.
Service: We realize that the love of medicine, requires a commitment to helping others.
Passion: We are energized by our desire to share our love of learning and health.
Innovation: We engage all by merging entertainment and education.
Role-playing: We realize the power of one-on-one AND group interaction.
Educational: We develop a unique curriculum to highlight career options.

All seven values above, form the foundation of why we exist and how we conduct business. Yet, our key function is to INSPIRE a greater understanding of health and career options.


About Little Medical School Ottawa

Welcome to the Little Medical School of Ottawa!

Little Medical School Ottawa is a family owned business. And both owners come from an extensive healthcare background. They are also parent of a beautiful young daughter.
“We are delighted to bring this successful innovation to Ottawa. We want to inspire the future generation to pursue a career in medicine and allied health”. -Layal and Wissam
LMSO was brought to life in October 2018. And, our with a vision to INSPIRE HEALTH AWARENESS THROUGH EDUCATION!
Meet the owners:
Layal Bou Abdo, Managing partner at Little Medical School Ottawa
Layal Bou Abdo BSN, MSN.
Layal has more than 15 years of experience in nursing. She brings her experience and leadership to launch LMSO. Moreover, she aims to transfer her passion in healthcare to every child in our community.
“My daughter inspired me a lot with has a passion in understanding the human body, that is what opened our eyes to LMS “.
Wissam Attieh, MSc, PMPWissam Attieh, Managing Partner at Little Medical School Ottawa
Wissam has more than 15 years of experience in healthcare implementation projects. As a Biomedical engineer, he believes that experimenting is the best way to learn. Thus, watching kids using medical tools was a thrilling idea for him.
“I was once inspired by young kids role-playing doctors and decided to bring LMS to their community”.

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LMS is committed to educational programming that creates an environment where students are able to learn, explore and enjoy while building self-confidence.  Through innovative programming, fun activities and structured role-play – students often use realistic medical supplies and interactive utensils while dressed in white lab coats – to create a unique, entertaining and engaging learning experience.  Lessons provide students the opportunity to explore the many functions of the human body, learn life-saving skills, and perform orthopedic procedures such as a realistic Tommy John Surgery.  LMS believes this role-play and hands-on experience can play a vital role in helping students to shape their attitudes towards personal health, well-being, and career options. 

We offer an unparalleled opportunity to educate young students with practical, lifelong knowledge. So, we truly hope you see the value in our program. give us the opportunity to provide our vivacious and educational program to your child.
LMSO currently offers programs for Little doctor, Nursing, Paediatrician, Pharmacy, Veterinarian, Sports Medicine, Dental, Nutrition and Wilderness!

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