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Winter Programs 2022

Winter Programs 2022

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Peters Township

Little Veterinarian Equestrian School Peters Township Community Recreation Center

Feb. 7th – Apr. 4th

6- 7 pm

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Upper St. Clair

Little Medical School Upper St. Clair Community Center

Wed. Jan. 12th – Feb. 16th

6-7 pm

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Hampton Community Center

Little Vet Dog School

Part 2

Little Pediatrician

Hampton Community Center February 19th -March 26th

10 am and 11:30 am




Cranberry Community Center

Little Vet Dog Pre-k


Cranberry Parks and Rec Feb. 7th – March 14th


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Little Veterinarian Equestrian School


Cranberry Parks and Rec Feb. 8th – March 29th

5-6 pm

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Sports Medicine


Cranberry Parks and Rec Feb. 10th – March 17th

5-6 pm

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Pine Community Center

Little Doctor School


Pine Community Center Feb. 3rd – March 10th

6-7 pm

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Little Doctor School Pre-K


Pine Community Center Feb 4th – March 11th


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Coming Soon! 

North Fayette

Mt. Lebanon

Propel Schools

Urban Academy



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