Veterinarian Horse Activity Set

Veterinarian Horse Activity Set


This item will be available November 1, 2020.

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Little Medical School’s Horse Veterinarian Set offers aspiring
veterinarians a wide variety of hands-on adventures and
educational activities. Children will adopt a plush horse and
complete unique activities focused on learning about the care
and well-being of their horses just like a real farm vet. This set is
designed for children (6+) and can be used independently or with
adult supervision. The Horse Veterinarian Set inspires: role-play,
health awareness through education, creativity, and problemsolving.
Students conclude their activities with a graduation
ceremony and diploma.

• Premium Plush Horse
• Removable Blanket
• Real Working Stethoscope
• Horse Assessment Form
• Curry Comb
• English & Western Riding Activity
• Adoption Certificate
• Activity Booklet
• Bones Sticker and Organs Sheet
• Student ID Badge
• Dry Erase Marker
• Horseshoe & Bandages Stickers
• Wound Care Activity
• Little Medical School® Diploma