AGES: 6+

INSPIRES: role-play, health awareness through education, creativity, and problem-solving


This Little Medical School ® “CLASSROOM IN A BOX” offers aspiring veterinarians a wide variety of hands-on and educational activities. The HOW TO BE A VETERINARIAN KIT can be enjoyed multiple times with five separate activities:

  • Adopt A Pet
  • Perform A Nose To Tail Exam
  • Measuring Your Dog
  • Healthy Treats
  • Sick of Ticks

Students conclude their activities with a graduation ceremony and diploma. This kit is designed for children (6+) and can be used independently or with adult supervision. 

Additional information

Items Included:

• Little Medical School® Light Weight Lab Coat
• Real Working Stethoscope
• Premium Plush Dog
• Reusable Markers
• Tick Stickers
• Tweezers
• Recipe Card
• Cookie Cutter
• Modeling Dough
• Adoption Certificate
• Tape Measure
• Little Medical School® Diploma
• Workbook


  1. marcee dellinger

    My children enjoyed the Little Medical School veterinarian kit. The puppy and vet supplies are well made. The children especially liked the graduation ceremony supplies. This is a fun kit to inspire imaginative play.

  2. Danielle Greshamer

    These Little Medical School kits were amazing!! Such a great educational activity for kids or all different ages! We got to try the pediatrician kit and the veterinarian kit. I highly recommend them! They are so detailed and can really give a great learning experience to the kiddos! So fun!!

  3. Jessica

    We have loved playing with this kit! So many fun skills to try out. We’ve moved on to opening up a Vet Clinic for all the stuffed animals in our house!

  4. Heather

    Little medical school kits are AMAZING! My one soon wants to be a veterinarian or pediatrician and these really solidified it currently. It has more realistic equipment and a real working stethoscope! Check it out!

  5. Heather

    We received a kit to review. We loved the puppy and stethoscope in the kit. The adoption certificate, animal check up sheet, and fake ticks to remove was also fun. The coat is thin and appears flimsy, but worked.

  6. Brittany

    A wonderful learning based toy that kids will play for hours!!

  7. Crystal

    My daughter loved the Little Medical School, How to be a Veterinarian. She loved the working stethoscope and lap coat. She enjoys writing in her workbook about what shots or injuries that her little patient needs help with. She just lights up when she plays with this. I am glad it gives her a positive outlook and that it opens her up to a new world of possibilities.

    All opinions are my own.

    #Gotitfree from @Tryazon

  8. Theresa

    This kit is so cute! My daughter (9 years old) loves it. She loves wearing the jacket, putting on the gloves, and pretending to be a vet. She also loves the markers and writing on the activity sheets and certificates. She loves pets and thinks the stuffed dog is adorable. She now has added vet to one of her possible future careers!

  9. Maricela Galvan

    What a great little kit for young pet lovers! My little guy never gets tired of giving his “puppy” a checkup and loves telling his big brothers about how well the pup did! In a world where so many kids are lacking creativity & imagination anymore, kits like these bring kids back to just being kids! Love it!

  10. Natalie

    The tick removal is the BEST part! Would be awesome if you could purchase “refills”.

  11. SusieQ

    We LOVE this kit! All of my kids – ages 3 to 13 play with it. They love that the stethoscope really works. The lab coat is surprisingly durable. The puppy is adorable. It is definitely going to get a lot of use in my house.

  12. Kathryn Welch

    This kit is perfect for kinder/1st graders who love taking care of animals. The working stethoscope was a big hit with my little! Fun for pretend play, and has some educational elements as well.

  13. Nichole

    This kit is perfect for preschool teachers looking to incorporate real tools into their students play. This is one of the most simple ways to add real tools and encourage real veterinary play! Love the flea stickers and real instruction on removing fleas! Took all the work of creating this myself!

  14. Alyssa Brown

    This kit is really awesome! The stethoscope really does work and my grandchildren and their friends had a blast listening to each others heartbeat and lungs. The workbook that comes with it is great too because it leads them through the things that a veterinarian would do when examining an animal. Very inspiring!

  15. Ursula Berry

    I received a free kit through Tryazon, and my kids had so much fun with it. They are much younger than the targeted age, so they weren’t able to do all of the activities that were available, but they had fun pretending to be a vet nonetheless.

  16. Liz Lamberson

    The Veterinarian Kit was so fun and informative! We took this kit with us to a playdate and the kids absolutely loved playing and learning how to be a vet! The checklist and workbook were easy enough for the 8 yr olds to read and two of them joined forces and went through everything in the workbook and the checklist! They learned so much and had a blast doing it! We homeschool so also so this kit will come with us on a lot of playdate! The bone mold was so adorable! The kids had fun using the marker to roll the molding putty out and then using the little dog bone mold to cut it out. The kit even comes with a dog treat recipe to make for your dogs! We haven’t made it yet, but plan on it very soon because we have 3 dogs!

  17. Anabel Herrera

    My son has Autism and this kit was great for him. Not only was it teaching him how to be gentle with the puppy but also had him engaged in all the activities checking the Puppy out. He was even all into writing the puppy’s notes. Great calming activity for special needs child to keep them engaged and use their fine motor skills.

  18. Ana Orendorff

    This kit was a hit for my daughter who wants to be a Veterinarian when she grows up. She loved the dog and the ticks were so fun to put on and remove! The only thing I would change about the kit is to make the name tag reusable, and the ruler should be made from an indestructible material.

  19. Cassandra Miller

    I am the director for a local homeschool co-op. We were blessed to be given a veterinary and pediatrician kit by Little Medical School! Overall, they were both wonderful kits, and came complete with anything our little kiddos’ imaginations could have wanted to learn about being a professional in both of these fields! Both sets came complete with tools and learning information as to how to perform jobs that real veterinarians and pediatricians would have to do, as well as a doll or stuffed puppy to try them on. Our kids had a lot of fun swaddling babies, and pulling ticks off of the puppy! What wonderful hands on activities! We would definitely recommend these sets to academic and play groups of all kinds!

  20. Cindy C

    This is a great educational tool for a one time lesson. Not so much for over and over roll play. We enjoyed the educational value of these kits but they are better for kids who are self motivated learners with good reading skills. For the price we had hoped for more then a one time lesson. We hope in the future the kits might include some less disposable items. Like velcro ticks instead of stickers, lab coats with fabric instead of paper like material. Clipboards and larger sized checklist /text could also go to making this a more polished project.

  21. Alicia Young

    The kids loved the Veterinarian Kit, especially making the doggy treats. I found this kit very informative, not only for kids but adults as well. It showed that you can have fun as well as learn.

  22. Shannon McGinley

    My son loved playing with the HOW TO BE A VETERINARIAN KIT. He took all of the ticks off from the puppy and checked his heartbeat and breathing afterwards. He loved teaching his family how to be a veterinarian! I would highly recommend this kit!!

  23. Sabrina Harris

    The kids enjoyed hours of educational roleplay with the little medical school kits!

  24. Danielle

    This kit was perfect. My daughter was entertained for a couple hours and learned! With reusable sheets and products she can pay with this kit over and over. Love it

  25. Kristen

    The How to be a Veterinarian kit is super cute. My son and his friend enjoyed taking care of their puppy to keep him healthy. Their favorite part was removing the ticks!

  26. Kristin White

    We set up the products for a creative play station at our ESL summer camp. The children and adults were enthralled with the authenticity of the items and the activities the students were able to engage in. The adults and the students had a great time pretending, and many conversations and explorations were launched as a result of free play. These products are so well designed and feel very real for the littles that are playing with them. Many of my colleagues were very impressed with the interactions and questioning that we saw. Excellent product and learning experience!

  27. Kristen williams

    The how to be a veterinarian kit was such a wonderful kit! I have a 9 year old who wants to be a vet and he absolutely fell in love with this! He learned a lot about his proposed profession, and ticks. The kit included a recipe he can make for his own dogs one day! He looks great in the lab coat and listening to his stuffed animal dog , and of course he listened to the real dogs next! He graduated with a diploma and everything! I highly recommended this kit!

  28. Jennifer Locke

    The little medical school veterinarian kit is adorable, well designed and very educational! My son enjoyed adopting, examining and cuddling his puppy! His friends enjoyed helping to assist with measuring the pup and listening to his heartbeat. We liked the ties to science and also character traits like responsibility .

  29. Brenda

    My kids loved playing with this. They love animals and so learning how to take care of them is so much fun. I think their favorite part was making dog bones and also the tick stickers and tweezers. Overall great for preschool and early elementary school kids.

  30. Amy Duncan-Cook

    We had a blast with our How to be a veterinarian” set this weekend! We taught the kids (ages 4 and 5) how to properly examine a dog and remove ticks. The real life stethoscope was a huge hit and we look forward to making the dog bone treats soon! Thank you Tryazon for giving this amazing opportunity!

  31. Jenn

    My twin girls who are 5 loved this but so did the 12 year old who played with them. Great learning tool for all ages. Also helps get them away from electronic world we live in

  32. Jonnalyn Denny

    My guests were very excited to open this kit! The children were able to adopt the puppy, remove ticks, and perform many other tasks that are done during a vet visit. The dry erase marker and certificate helped each child – and adult – complete their tasks and earn a certificate.

  33. Sheena Dolechek

    We have had the Little Medical School How to be a Veterinarian Kit for just over two weeks and our girls have so much fun with it! The real working stethoscope has to be their favorite thing, they carry it around the house with them all the time and check everyone’s heartbeats. We were able to get a Pediatrician Kit and a Veterinarian Kit and I would say the overall favorite it the Veterinarian Kit.

    The kids really loved the gloves, ticks, and tweezers that came with the Veterinarian Kit. All the kids were wanting to take care of the puppy and give him a checkup.

    One of our daughters has adopted the puppy and he sleeps with her each night. Also without any instigation from us when asked what she wants to be she now says a Veterinarian. Dad is all for this because K-State has a Vet Med Program and we’d love for her to attend there when she grows up. I really feel that the Veterinarian Kit has put a new desire to learn and help animals into both of our daughters and I am excited to watch it grow.

    I would highly suggest this kit to anyone considering it for their child/ren!


    Super cute kit, my boys absolutely loved being able to learn about being a vet! The dog now goes everywhere with our youngest (5) as its his new favorite pet!

  35. Sara Brooks

    Wonderful product for kids to better understand what it takes to be a veterinarian! Learning through play!

  36. Brandy Mendoza

    The Little Medical School Veterinarian kit was so much fun! Our kids loved being doctors for the day and healing their little pets. Removing ticks with the tweezers was a favorite activity. The stickers worked great and stuck on repeatedly for continued play. The lab coat and real stethoscope really added to their role play.

  37. Taera

    This is such a fun kit for kids. My kids really enjoyed using a stethoscope in their little dog. It was also fun for them to wear a white coat and measure the dog with the measuring tape. I will definitely be purchasing a similar kit if not this one to give as a gift. The best medical kit around!

  38. Jamie

    My kids loved the Little Medical School Veterinarian Kit! It is the perfect set to introduce children to STEM careers and the medical field. Their favorite part about this kit was the veterinarian tools, lab coat, and real stethoscope. The kit also comes with tick stickers, tweezers, gloves, a bone cookie cutter, and putty to make pretend dog treats with. This kit kept my children entertained for hours!

  39. Sue Schwartz

    The kids really had fun finding the ticks on the dog! Enjoyed dressing up and playing with the veterinarian set.

  40. Marci Nielsen

    Oh my heck this is the cutest kit! There’s little sticker “ticks” you can put on the dog and all the tools to remove them. The checklist for the puppy’s appointment is so cute and pretty accurate. My daughter wants to be a vet when she grows up and this is the funnest way to encourage that!

  41. Melissa Fleming

    This is such an adorable veterinarian kit! My children and their friends enjoyed playing vet! This is such a fun and educational way to teach children these skills!

  42. Jennifer

    My daughter has always wanted to be a vet and this kit is so perfect for her. I love how it comes with all the cute little vet supplies for my daughter to play with. She absolutely loved it and so did my other kids.

  43. Marisela

    My kids love this kit! We plan to homeschool our kids so I love that I can incorporate a fun kit like this one into our curriculum. The real stethoscope and the tick removal set was a favorite for the kids. I am looking forward to teaching them through play.

  44. Nichol Tone

    The how to e a veterinarian kit is such a cool, fun activity and learning box. My kids and their friends played for hours with this kit. I love that you only need one kit for a handful of kids since there is more than one activity and the kids are able to share them. The kids loved using the dog bone cookie cutter. The tick removal was the best, since living in New York, we do have a tick problem with our dogs and it raised awareness and allowed them to perform tick removal, like they have seen us do. With 3 dogs in the house, the kids really felt like real veterinarians. I love how much learning you can get out of such a small box.

  45. Jennifer kennedy

    This learn to be a veterinarian kit is amazing. My six year old had a blast following the workbook, which showed the steps on how to give the animal a check up. The little details in the box were so fun. It comes with ticks to put and find on the dog. My son also really enjoyed making dog treats to give to his patients. I can’t forget to mention the working stethoscope. My son got a kick out of hearing everyone’s heartbeats. This is is new favorite toy. I love it because not only is he playing but he’s learning as well. No highly recommend this product.

  46. Melissa

    What a perfect set for the little animal lovers in the group. The puppy, working stethoscope and vet jackets are all key highlights. But the paperwork and tools that come with the kit really set this apart from other vet kits. My kids especially loved the tick stickers and placing them all over and carefully removing them and following the steps on the poster included. This hit home since we are in tick season here and the dogs all have to get checked after hikes. Any play items that can relate back to real life and learning are high on our list. Little Medical School has supplied us with high quality fun and educational play time!

  47. Callie

    My kids love taking care of the stuffed dog in the kit! I love that my kids are learning while they play! I am pleased with the quality of the kit and the amount of time my kids spend playing with this education toy.

  48. Kortni

    This is a fun little kit. The kindergarten kids loved working with the dog and learning what vets do by following the checklist. It is a wonderful addition for classroom veterinarian units.

  49. Jennifer Peirce

    My child loves playing with this kit. It is adorable!

  50. Rebekah McKenzie

    If I could give little medical school 5 stars, I would!!! My girls have enjoyed this kit thoroughly and it’s obviously going to be a part of our daily play!

  51. Sandra Bohn

    The kids really had fun with this one. They enjoyed naming and learning about the dog’s health. They also really liked being able to use the stethoscope and measuring tape, just like the real vets do. The labcoat made them feel like a grownup, and taking the oath was a lot of fun for them also. We discussed all of the different health issues an animal would face and what proper treatment would be. This kit is definitely geared towards kids between the ages of 6 and 10 or 11.

  52. Lisa J

    My kids, age 6, 4, and 2, had fun with this kit. We received it for free from Tryazon, but my opinions are my own. Personally, if I had paid for the kit, I would be a bit disappointed. My daughter loved the stuffed dog, but I wish it had been more anatomically correct- more like a model than just a toy (she could use basically any stuffed toy for this. For example, one of the things she does in the checkup is check the teeth– this dog has an open mouth and tongue, but no teeth. I understand that this is pretend play, but like I said, this is pretend play we could have easily done ourselves using the stuffies we already own, without this kit) Also, the “labcoat” was a disappointment- just a cheap papery material that is clearly disposable. I suppose if your kids were really careful with it you could get a couple uses out of it, but she chose to wear her current Doc McStuffins dress-up coat that we already had. I realize that these corners must be cut to keep the price reasonable, but in that case I wish they had left the labcoat out and given a nice badge or something instead.

    The best part of the kit was the working stethoscope. My kids have a toy one, but they are very glad now to have a real one, and have been checking each other’s (and our dogs) hearts every day.

    The workbook was cute, but lacking. One of the “projects” was making dog treats- it came with a cookie cutter and some modeling dough, and a recipe to make your own real dog treats, which was cute… but none of these things are real veterinarian actions. I understand that in order to have a healthy pet, you want your dog to eat healthy things, but this is more like an “adopt a dog” activity, not really a vet activity. And also something we could have easily done ourselves without the kit.

    The kids really enjoyed the tick activity! And it is a good thing for dog owners and vets to know how to do, so that was a plus. Maybe in the next kit this activity could be expanded with a syringe so they could practice vaccinating their animals. Right after playing with this kit we happened to have a vet appointment the next day so I took the kids along and they watched the vet tech give our dog the Lyme disease shot. Real life vet science learning that was enhanced by this kit!

    Overall, a cute play kit, and I appreciate this company and what they are doing to inspire the next generation of medical professionals. But please keep tweaking the kits to make them more educational.

    #LMSInspire #LMSFun #Tryazon

  53. Kim Vassallo

    Cute little boxed set that would make a nice gift for a child. My son and daughter enjoyed playing with the vet kit and removing ticks from the puppy and using the stethoscope to check its heartbeat (and their own as well)! They used the measuring tape to measure the puppy from its nose to its tail and then have it a check up. The included lab coat and gloves were fun for them to get dressed up in as well and they enjoyed pretending to be a real veterinarian! We do wish the lab coat was made out of a better quality material, however my kids did have a blast with it regardless! We just hope that it will last long enough for them to enjoy the kit for a few years of fun play.

  54. Alicia Machin

    My kids really enjoyed this Veterinarian kit. Some things that could use improvement and could make this set awesome are a better quality lab coat and measuring tape. These two items aren’t going to last very long with my kids. The age states 6 and up. My 3 year old absolutely loved this as did my 5 and 8 year olds. The molding dough was too sticky and hard to work with. My kids love slime but did not like handling this stuff. The little dog is cute and the real working stethoscope is a awesome! I would definitely recommend this kit to others.

  55. Laurie Erickson

    This set is such a fun way for kids to explore a little bit of what it’s like to be a Veterinarian. It includes things like a “doctor coat” and a stethoscope. There are some instructional cards, such as “How to remove a tick” with the included tweezers. There are even “tick” stickers! My grandchildren range in age from 4-11 and they all had fun trying everything out!

  56. Sarah

    My littles love animals and love to take care of animals, but all the other “taking care of animals” toys are basically feeding and watering them. This kit is great because it includes so much more and really helps inspire kids in the medical profession! There is a complete 5-step course including a full exam (with working stethoscope) and tick removal! Definitely recommend.

  57. Jill Burnette

    My kiddos and their friends absolutely loved pretending to be veterinarians! We live in a rural area with many kinds of animals so this kit was right up their alley! Great idea and product!

  58. Kim

    I got the kit for my 4 year old and she loves it! I love that the kit comes with activity ideas to help foster imaginative play. Her favorite part about the kit is making a dog bone with the mold. And I love the texture of the modeling play-it doesn’t make a mess!

  59. Tiffany Jordan

    I had the chance to host a little medical school how to be a veterinarian through tryazon. We had so much fun playing with the veterinarian, it came with lab coat, stethoscope,ID badge, soft doggie, adoption certificate, veterinarian work book/ activity sheets, dry erase markers, tape measure,tick stickers,tweezers, latex-free gloves, healthy dog treat recipe, bone shape cookie cutter, modeling dough, diploma everything you need to have fun and learn with. My daughter loved the soft dog he was really cute she also loved the lab coats this would make a great birthday gift for a little one

  60. Michele Aymar Signori

    The vet set is cute and a fun teaching tool. My daughter was afraid of the ticks. Maybe make them a bit cuter for the kids. Also the lab coat is not very good quality. It’s already wearing thru in spots right out of the package. The dog is little but sweet. Could be a little bigger of a dog to really be able to play treat him.

  61. Emily Strubert

    I’m really happy with how engaged my daughter was with this kit! There are real tools of the trade in here, like a working stethoscope. My daughter thought it was so cool that there was even a lab coat for her to wear with a sticker that she could write her name on. I love that this kit uses the power of role play to get kids excited about the medical field. My daughter interacted with all the elements of this kit for hours after I walked her through the activity guide that was included. I found her role playing with the pieces of this kit and her other stuffed animals that she had. She really got a kick out of the sticky “ticks” and learning how to remove them with the tweezers that were included. This kit is a great way to get kids to start thinking about the accessibility of the medical field to them.

  62. April Rivera

    This kit blew me away. My six year old son was so excited to take care of his little dog (that he named Cutie Pie). It is so well put together and contains so much information! My son was delighted with every new activity. Practicing making dog bones was one that he really loved, and he’s excited to try out the recipe to make treats for our real dog. But I was so shocked to find that his favorite activity was pulling ticks! He’s typically very squeamish about bugs, and I thought he was going to hate it. But he wanted to pull them off again and again! I’m so happy that we can pretend play over and over again with this awesome kit.

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