Wilderness Survival Set

Wilderness Survival Set


This item will be available November 1, 2020.

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Little Medical School’s Wilderness Survival Set offers aspiring
adventurers a wide variety of hands-on and educational
activities. Children will role-play going on a hike with their very
own Bigfoot. They will learn important outdoor survival tips,
how to properly prepare for a hike, common outdoor injuries,
splinting, and the variety of uses for their LMS bandana and
special 5 in 1 tool. This set is designed for children (3+) and can
be used independently or with adult supervision. The Wilderness
Survival Set inspires: role-play, health awareness through
education, creativity, and problem-solving. Students conclude
their activities with a graduation ceremony and diploma.

• Premium Plush Big Foot
• 5 in 1 Survival Tool
• Bandana
• Adoption Certificate
• Activity Map
• 10 Essentials for Wilderness
• Adventure Notes
• Activity Booklet
• Craft sticks
• Little Medical School® Diploma

5 in 1 Survival Tool
• Compass
• Emergency whistle
• Fire starter
• Signal mirror
• Waterproof match box