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Live Virtual Classes

Live virtual classes and programs

Little Medical School of the Treasure Coast is passionate about inspiring as many kids as possible and bringing meaningful programs to communities around Florida. That is why we are excited to be able to bring our fun programs and classes to you through live virtual classes! So if you are not located on the Treasure Coast of Florida and instead in a city like Miami or Orlando, you can still join our classes!

Our instructors work hard to create an engaging virtual class through role-play, scenarios, crafts, and more so that kids & teens still immerse themselves in the lesson. None of our classes are pre-recorded, so you get our instructor's full energy in each class!

We are able to do live virtual classes for many of our programs including:

  • Little Medical School
  • Little Veterinarian School and Little Veterinarian Zoo
  • Wilderness Medicine
  • Sports Medicine

If you are curious about if any of our classes or programs are available to be virtually taught, please let us know! We are flexible and try to find creative ways to make our classes work for both in-person and virtual.


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