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About Us

Little Medical School Wexford

Little Medical School (LMS) is deeply rooted in Founder Dr. Mary Mason’s love of family, medicine and education. In 1998, Dr. Mason wrote her first lesson plan and enlisted her medical residents to teach local teenagers. This passion for encouraging careers in healthcare culminated in the creation of LMS in 2010. Today, the company is a pioneer and leading developer of specialized curriculum and interactive resources for children aged 1-14.

We offer kids camps, after school classes, school tours, birthday parties, scout badge classes and special events that we can customize to fit your needs.


Imagination: We believe children need to dream and have opportunities to discover.

Nurturing: We create environments to learn and explore while building self-confidence.

Service: We realize love of medicine requires a commitment to helping others.

Passion: We are energized by our desire to share our love of learning and health.

Innovation: We engage all by merging entertainment and education.

Role-playing: We realize the power of one-on-one AND group interaction.

Educational: We develop unique curriculum to highlight career options.

While all seven values above form the foundation of why we exist and how we conduct business, our most important function is to INSPIRE a greater understanding of health and career options.

About Little Medical School Wexford

LMS Wexford works with educators, healthcare leaders and community organizations to INSPIRE healthy lifestyles in children as they learn about medical careers. Our LMS trained tutors are also community members – these individuals range from aspiring world changers, practicing medical providers and accomplished educators. All programmes are written by a board-certified educator and reviewed by board-certified and trained healthcare professionals.

Lou Cottingham, Co-Founder of LMS of East La
Lou was raised by a single mother and grew up in South Central Los Angeles. From a young age, Lou had a passion for helping others and genuinely enjoyed learning about anything medically related. Her favorite classes in school were any of the natural sciences like Biology, Anatomy, and Physiology. Her mother always inspired her to not only pursue her passion for helping others, but also to be able to help herself through life with a strong education. Lou first earned her Certificated Nurse Assistant certificate in 1990 through a dual work-study programme with Beverly Enterprise, Nursing Home Facility, in Tigard, Oregon, where she was able get hands-on learning with a variety of patients. Then in 2000 she earned her Associates degree in Registered Nursing from Portland Community College. She returned to school in 2013 once more and attended Vanguard University of Southern California where she graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Lou has been working as a registered nurse for 16 years, and in the medical field for a grand total of 30 years and counting! When Lou first heard about Little Medical School she immediately wanted to get involved and loved the idea of being able to help make a lasting positive impact on children from a young age, especially in an area where she is extremely passionate. Just like her mother, Lou wants to inspire children to make great choices towards their future and give them the tools to succeed.

Maria Castillo, Co-Founder of LMS of East La
Maria became orphaned at 8 months old, and was taken in by her grandfather and extended family in Mexico City. She grew up surrounded by passionate and encouraging roll models who worked hard in a variety of medical and educational fields, such as business professionals, doctors, nurses, veterinarians, and school teachers. They always motivated her to work hard towards earning her education and pursue her passion. Maria first graduated from Brymman College and received her Medical Assistant Certificate and then graduated from EduCorp College and became a Certificated Nurse Assistant/Home Health aide. She also earned her Associates in Communications from Long Beach City College and then later went back to school one more time and attended California State University of Dominguez Hills where she received her Bachelors in Business Administration and International Business. She has worked with Long Beach Memorial Hospital for 16 years, but she has been in the medical field for a grand total of 25 years so far! Maria is bilingual and loves to motivate others and is excited to teach a new generation of professionals.

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