My mother cut the nail of the dog too deep and started to bleed. I told her I am a vet and I applied pressure for few minutes until the bleeding stopped.


5 years old Student

Catherine absolutely loves Little Veterinarian School! She looks forward to it every week. ?? ?

Sherry Lynn


It is clear that Little Medical School programs have been developed with young learners in mind. The classes are interactive, informational, and incredibly fun which is enhanced with the enthusiasm and patience of the instructors. The students at Revel Academy loved their first course and are looking forward to future offerings in the fall! Thank you, Little Medical School – Ottawa!

Erin Anderson

Revel Academy Principal

The impact you are doing today will be revealed in the future through these kids so so proud keep it up ?

Racha Abou Chahine


Merci little medical school, ma fille a beaucoup aimée et c’est vraiment intéressant concernant les instructions, les informations, les matérielles. Je le recommande fortement.

Layal Khoury


A very interesting, educational and fun program! My child loves it and has learnt so many things. The instructors are knowledgeable and make it so much fun for the kids to learn. I loved all the props and demonstration during the class. Definitely recommend it !!!!

Antonia Bartzou


It was great to have you come in and teach the children some new things.  When I was in the room the children were engaged and enjoying the tools that you brought with you.

Beata Arseneault Program Coordinator

Kanata North Recreation, Cultural and Facility Services

Thank-you for the class report. I’ve never had a vendor provide anything like this. It’s so nice to see some notes and feel connected to what you are doing. I went on Facebook and saw the pictures as well. Very sweet! The children look like they are having a great time.

Kate Wilder

Resource Assistant and After-School Program Coordinator, OMS Montessori

Thank-you bringing in an additional instructor.  I think that’s a great idea and I’m happy to hear that LMS is willing to take this step to ensure child safety and enjoyment. This is something that definitely makes you stand out as a company.

Kate Wilder

Resource Assistant and After-School Program Coordinator, OMS Montessori

My kids had such a wonderful experience, they want to come back. They are also now interested in biology mainly how the body works. Which is great, but be prepared to use google and YouTube a lot so you can answer their questions after they do this camp.

Brenda Chipungu


Excellent Idea! Teaches the kids and inspires them to pursue a career in Medicine.

Dr. Prysca Mbi


Wonderful! Daughter said it was her favorite camp from the summer!

Teresa Baker

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